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Christmas, A time of joy or dread?

Christmas, A time of joy or dread?

For some we are heading into a time of absolute delight. When decorating the tree just can’t wait until December or they pretend they will wait until December but just get the tree up first, a few days later the lights are on and it’s looking so good, why not decorate too? All the gifts have been bought and perhaps even wrapped, now it’s time to plan the day and yet it’s still November! Christmas excitement has started in this household.

Then there are the others - let’s call them team two. It’s 23rd of December (or worse still the 24th) and it’s complete panic. After all no one can deliver now and the shop shelves are almost bare. You are just going to have to grab something, actually anything will have to do now – it’s the thought that counts… right?! Even the gift wrapping paper looks terrible because it’s the bad taste patterns no one liked and it rips before you finish wrapping.

Team three, really love giving but never seem to getting excited about Christmas because it’s so hard to shop, especially now. It’s not just choosing a gift that looks right, sometimes finding it and then wrapping it up to look good and excite the receiver is another headache in itself. So maybe a voucher will be ok, but wait didn’t you give that last year?

Team four, you like nice things and have friends and family who always hit the nail on the head and send or give beautiful gifts. You envy their taste and wish you could give such stylish gifts, but you just can’t manage it. The pressure mounts every year, so Christmas becomes bulk stress time.

No more stress, we have the cure and support for all that ails you with your Christmas gifting. We think we could even get you excited about having your gifts received this year. Maybe you won’t join the group of team one but how about team one plus,  let us elevate your gifting so you can feel in control and sit back and relax.

We have an extensive range of stylish gift boxes will delight your family and friends. Gifts for her, gifts for him, gifts for Mum, gifts for Dad or gifts for children and babies.. you name - it we have it.

Happy Christmas, happy gifting.


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Lost the will to shop... or never had it?

Lost the will to shop... or never had it?