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Lost the will to shop... or never had it?

Lost the will to shop... or never had it?

We all have friends or perhaps relatives who just haven’t got it together when it comes to shopping for gifts. You know, the one who always seems to give you something you just don’t like. You realise they mean well but dread them arriving with something you need to pretend you are happy to receive.

It gets tucked in the cupboard to be brought out next time they visit or waits to be donated to the school gala or even re-gifted. It's always such an embarrassing time and such a waste of money.

Here’s a few clues in case you are wondering if this is you. Named towels looked smart and seem like a good idea and after all they liked them last year. You bought clothes for a teenager and wondered why she didn’t love the cute pink bows on the dress. "So, when did china ornament’s go out of fashion" you ask - 'I thought the kitten was cute and the frog reminded me of you when you were small".

The reality is shear panic usually sets in because you have forgotten someone’s birthday again or you put into the ‘too hard, too stressful or I’m too busy file’ and decide to apologise for not sending anything. You hit a mind blank and send the flowers (the easy go to but risky if you don’t know the florist).

Maybe it’s the grandchildren, after all it was so easy when they were babies but now they are at school it's so difficult to know what they like or are learning. All made so much harder because you don’t see them as often as you use to because travelling is not so easy, you miss their cuddles and really want to see them excited but have no ideas how to make that happen. The older members of the family can be a nightmare too, because you haven’t been able to see them in ages and this has been a tough time especially for them. You are missing them and they are missing you, so how do you share and express the love.

Sending a text message, making a skype call, sending cards, or better still a love and hugs in a box, beautiful styled gift. High quality gifts in a stylish box delivered right to their door will put a sparkle in their eye and a spring in their step.

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