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Colour Plus More Colour

'Every child is gifted they just unwarp their packages at different times' 

Bring on the personality, this colourful gift has something for every mood and is extremely portable.

Just picture this young one, setting out to brighten the neighbourhood footpaths with this vibrant pack of chalk or play at home on the blackboard.

Wonderful activities for quiet times or rainy days, but don’t forget the sweets. 


  • Crayola washable sidewalk chalk in 12 different colours
  • Crayola #squadgoals colouring book - 96 pages with stickers
  • Crayola Super Tips washable markers in 10 different colours
  • Crayola Ultra-Clean washable large crayons in 8 different colours
  • Crocodile sweets - 100gm of gummy goodness.
  • Stylish Gift Box