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Eco Green Fingers

Eco Green Fingers - The Gift Society NZ

Gardening is a medicine that does not need a prescription, and has no limit on dosage.

Is the garden their happy place?
Whether a budding gardener or experienced, the joy of growing vegetables or the love of colourful flowers brings great joy. What a perfect gift for him or her regardless of age.

Brilliant as a house warming gift or perhaps a thank you to someone who is always sharing their crops. 

Whatever the occasion, your message will be conveyed to the extremely fortunate person who receives this thoughtful classic gift.

Gift with confidence.


  • Denim gardeners toolbelt/apron
  • Swedish dish cloth - reusable + compostable, 70% cellulose + 30% cotton
  • Vegetable + fruit net bags - set of 5 in various sizes
  • 2 x Gardeners soap- with ground pumice stone + natural vegetable oils
  • Stylish gift box
Eco Green Fingers - The Gift Society NZ