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Entertain Me

'As with any journey, who you travel with you is more important than the destination'

Enjoying time with friends, this stylish ceramic nibble dish will be handy and so will the herb scissors.

Great presentation for snacks at a small gathering, makes this gift box suitable as a housewarming, Christmas or thank you gift.

Friendships are more important than ever, staying in touch is harder than it use to be but this could be a simple way to say you matter to me.


  • Jet black ceramic trio serving plate with bamboo handle
  • Kilo Herb Scissors - Five blades in quality stainless steel with cleaning brush.
  • Thyme + Parsley pitted olives - preservative-free, naturally ripened and moist.
  • Pear Fruit Paste - Divine with cheddar + blue cheese. 
  • Stylish Gift Box