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Living Without Plastic

Living Without Plastic - The Gift Society NZ

We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly                                                                                        Anne Marie Bonneau

What a stylish way to gift to someone who is becoming environmentally aware.

Not everyone knows where to start, or make the changes. This is a perfect way to encourage or support your eco warrior. On trend and very suited for a modern soul who loves our world and wants to be or perhaps already is taking care. 

Small changes can make big differences! 


  • Moana Road bamboo cutlery set - contains a knife, fork, spoon, straw, chopsticks and cleaning brush, all in a handy travel pouch. 
  • Living without plastic book - more than 100 easy swaps for home, travel, dining, holidays, and beyond
  • Glass thermos - double-walled to keep your beverages either hot or cold for longer whilst on the run.
  • 2 x Tilley soaps in vanilla bean - made from a premium blend of sustainable palm and coconut oil, shea butter and natural vitamin E.
  • Bags & Co cotton mesh shopping bag in beige - durable, practical and eco-friendly
  • Stylish Gift Box
Living Without Plastic - The Gift Society NZ