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Pteranodon, hear me Roar

'Play is the work of the child' - Maria Montessori

Hours upon hours of entertainment are loaded into this fun packed dinosaur box, a fabulous hand puppet will have them running and roaring with delight.

Then when it’s time to slow down its time to build a puzzle, concentrate on balancing a pteranodon on their finger or find someone to play Number Rumble.


  • Pteranodon dinosaur puppet - With a squeeze of your hand, these 12" prehistoric beasts will roar like never before.
  • Eugy Raptor cardboard model kit - Encourages creativity as well as being environmentally friendly.
  • Shuffle Jurassic World Number Rumble - Take your decks and let chance favour the brave as you go head to head.
  • Dinosaur stamp x 2 - The base end stamps out the animal and the top end is a roller stamp that prints the animal’s footprint.
  • The Amazing Balancing Pteranodon - defies gravity and looks like a magic trick. 
  • Stylish Gift Box