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T-Rex, hear me Roar

'It is not about smart children; it is about HAPPY CHILDREN who have the confidence and courage to learn and pursue things dear to their heart' - Alexandra Eidens 

Hours of running around roaring like a dinosaur or by pressing the mouth together this fabulous colourful hand puppet will roar itself.

Happy and exhausted its time for a little down time. Ready a little quiet time when the roar is over, the quality crayons and colouring book will give this delightful little person heaps of happy hours.


  • T-Rex dinosaur puppet - With a squeeze of your hand, these 12" prehistoric beasts will roar like never before.
  • Crayola Prehistoric Pals colouring book - 96 pages with stickers
  • Crayola Ultra-Clean washable large crayons in 8 different colours
  • Dinosaur sweets - 100gms of gummy goodness.
  • Stylish Gift Box